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Our first holiday together:
Making holidays with a baby – how exciting!

Travelling with baby. Yes or no?

It's quite normal to think about the first holidays together. Is my baby old enough? Can we already go on holidays with our baby? Will my baby enjoy the holidays far away from home or is it too exhausting? What's the perfect place to go? How long should we stay? What do I have to bear in mind?

Travelling with baby in the OM-mode

In general, it's much easier to travel with a baby than everybody thinks. If you bear in mind some important things already in advance you can look forward to your holidays in a relaxed mood. Organisation - that's half the battle! We do the remaining stuff!

Light travelling with baby

Functional & genius: Our Kinderhotel Buchau offers everything you need on site: high-quality baby equipment and furniture and important little helpers such as the Babybay® await you so that you only have to bring along your own individual baby utensils you need.

Baby & child care

Our baby and child care is based on two important pillars: experienced, loving child care pedagogues for your kiddies and a maximum of time for the care. This way they get the best support and care so that you can plan your own holidays. Because time for yourself and your own regeneration represents the stroke people often miss in everday life.

Rieser’s cool extra: On request, you can also book your own individual child care for your child of every age group!

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