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Our media room is cosy and spacious with many chairs. Moreover, it also offers the following facilities:

The Buchau Theatre

Theater has a great appeal with children. That's no surprise as children are able to act and assume different roles. They can reinvent themselves and test new things every day anew in a playful manner.

Children can develop great ambitions if they want to perform a sketch on stage. It's great to watch how their eyes sparkle with joy when the performance was successful.

Children surpass themselves from the rehearsals to the show stage - that gives wings to them.
They learn intuitively that they are able to do more. They broaden their horizon.

The Buchau Show Stage

Our show stage has a proper size and is also able to host classics such as Shakespear or Schiller.
Thanks to the right actors and entertainers on stage a festive atmosphere with much fun and cosiness develops. Let yourself be enchanted by the performances on our show stage!

The Buchau Cinema

Behind the stage there's a big cinema screen. With a flick of the wrist the theatre turns into a formidable cinema.
Cinema screenings bring families together and provide for some entertaining hours. 

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