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At home in the element water – learn how to swim in

Children of every age and ability group learn and improve their swim skills in FREDS SWIM ACADEMY. Choose from our vast course offer the perfect swim lesson for your child - they'll love it!

Children's swim courses for everybody - from beginners to intermediates and professional frogs in FREDS SWIM ACADEMY

Swimming for babies and toddlers

from 4 months to 4 years, training session 30 min, accompanied by one parent:

  • playful, happy and safe - getting used to water
  • familiarisation with the prone position as swimming position
  • promotion of the inherent 'frog reflex' as the basis for propulsion
  • promotion of overall motoric skills and coordination
  • stimulation for body, mind and soul thanks to the sensory inputs gained by the experience in the water (stimulating and relaxing)
  • interaction between parents-baby-trainer-group
  • swimming aids: The swim trainer „Classic" red is available for you for the duration of the session. Swim trainers and neopren swim wear and overalls can also be purchased.

Besides the aspects already mentioned above, the playful learning of the frog movement takes centre stage for the toddlers. Moreover, they also learn breathing, diving and balance exercises. Swimming aids, Swimtrainer "Classic" orange, are provided and you can also purchase swimtrainers as well as wetsuits.

Monday to Friday 10.00 until 10.30 am
1 session:
 € 20,- per child

Swimming course for beginners

for children aged 4+, training session 50 min, small groups (4-6 children) without accompanying person

  • development of the technically right breast-stroke swimming movement
  • ideal swimming position
  • perfect coordination of leg and arm movements and breathing
  • water contact with the face – first diving exercises
  • smooth transition to free swimming and development of stamina due to the lesser use of swimming aids
  • swimming aids: swimtrainer „Classic" orange and yellow are provided and can also be purchased.


Monday to Friday 10.40 until 11.30 am

1 session: € 30,- per child
Private lesson: € 60,- per person

 You find more information abou the dates in our current weekly programme.

Early swimmer / seahorse badge

Requirements: swim 25m, jump in the pool, grab an item out of water that reaches shoulders

Costs:  20 € per badge
Please make an appointment in the children's club

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