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Fascinating horse riding - riding holidays in the children's hotel Buchau 

Riding enjoys great popularity in both summer and winter and should definitely not be missing during a successful family holiday. We have robust, social and caring horses such as Haflinger horses and shetland ponies in our spacious stables 'Pferdeglück' ('Happiness on a horseback').

Our professional staff is perfectly in tune with your children and the animals - they are sensible and intelligent teachers and animal care attendants at the same time. They check if everything is okay and offer top conditions for brilliant riding holidays!

In our new, bright and modern riding hall trainings take place on a regular basis. Horseback rides in the magnificent nature scenery are special highlights - they take place amidst the marvellous landscape of the lake Achensee and its majestic mountains, e.g. the Rofan mountains!

Our riding offer

All riding courses take place in our riding hall!

BAMBINI RIDING LESSON (for children from 3 - 5 years)
Beginning: Sunday and Wednesday at 09.00 am
incl. cleaning and saddling
3 x 50 minutes€ 75,- per child


Children collect their first experiences with ponies in a playful and funny manner. Thanks to diverse movement experiences with the ponies on the ground and on the horseback children gain new basic motoric skills – without pressure and stress. Children get to know the world of the horses playing with them and they learn new social competences in the group.
Max. 4 children

RIDING LESSON for beginner ( from 6 - 9 years)
Sunday and Wednesday at 10.00 am, Monday at 03.00 pm
incl. cleaning and saddling, caring and feeding of the horses, theory and practice
For us it is important to teach children how to ride a horse thanks to a modern teaching style and a respectful interac - tion with each other. That's precious free time!
3 x 2 hours€ 125,- per child
Group riding lessons
Group riding lessons normally consist of small groups of not more than five pupils with the same or similar qualification. They ride free in all three basic paces, which means that there's no joint dressage riding. In this way, every riding pupil can learn and develope independent riding skills.
 € 28,- per person
Private riding lessons 
During individual riding lessons you can work on your individual strengths and weaknesses in the form of riding lessons, longe lessons or seat training. Private lessons are very efficient as the riding instructor can focus on the pupil. Very good progress is achieved.
 € 50,- per person

Rent a pony
Our ponies are guided by the parents or a riding instructor on a rope along the Achensee.

Guiding a horse is normally no problem. Parents and children have to wear sturdy shoes. You get a rope to lead the pony. Hold the rope close at the head of the pony (do not wrap the rope around your wrist!), place yourself beside the pony and confidently start to walk - the pony will follow you. Adjust your pace to the pace of the pony and stay on the trails. In doing so, no problem should arise. Please note: Do not let the pony eat the grass at the wayside. Most of the ponies are very greedy and if they start to eat once, it's really hard to get them moving on. Therfore, do not let them eat and hold the rope tight. If necessary, pull the pony away from the food. If you feel insecure, our riding instructors will be happy to accompany you. We do not assume any liability.

30 minutes
accompanied by a parent
€ 15,- per person
€ 30,- per person
Longe lesson
During single units beginners learn riding on our well-behaved and experienced horses. We lay the foundation of great riding skills. We teach the correct seat, show how to keep the balance and offer the necessary safe environment to develop confidence in your own skills and the animal. Longe lessons are also suitable for inter - mediates and professionals to improve their seating.
20 minutes€ 20,- per person
Horseback ride to the waterfall - only for experienced equestrians
Explore the breathtaking nature scenery of the Achensee and the impressive waterfall during this guided horse- back ride. Max. 5 people.
approx. 1 hour€ 28,- per person
Horseback ride to Bavaria - only for experienced equestrians
During this guided horseback ride you explore beautiful nature sceneries. Across clear mountain brooks, green meadows and blossoming forests to Bavaria. At least 3 people.
approx. 3 to 4 hours€ 140,- per person


Safety guidelines:

A helmet is obligatory.
Only one child on a pony is allowed.
The only riding gait that's allowed is walk. Trot and gallop are prohibited.
Those of you who want to do more should have a look at our additional riding offers!

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