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Distinctive name with great effect.

Panorama arolla pine relaxation room <<Zirbenruhe>> with view to the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Karwendel and the emerald green Achensee.

High-class furnishment and equipment made of arolla pine is rare and highly coveted.
There are many reasons for this. The timber has a pleasant, clear and pure aroma of earth.
It is said that this high-alpine wood of the arolla pine has a calming, relaxing effect on people who get
in touch with it and it supports a sound sleep.
As the folk saying goes: The oily ingredients of the arolla pine wood are said to have anti-inflammatory characteristics.
Moreover, studies prove that the human pulse rate decelerates in rooms with interior made of arolla pine.

Therefore, the relaxation room in our children and family hotel Buchau is bright and equipped
with high-quality furnishment of arolla pine.

Go there to relax and read an interesting book - the relaxation room <<Zirbenruhe>> recharges your batteries!

Get a rest in our <<Zirbenruhe>>, have a look at the marvellous nature scenery and enjoy the sweet idleness -
you deserve it!

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