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Strategic positions so that the play areas provide for immediate divertissement & glee:

Play areas

With children the time between stimulus and realization is minmal!
We support that by installing play areas at strategic positions.
The lovingly designed play areas immediately invite to play and forget that daddy still has to sort
something out and that mum has to book an appointment.
Sensible distraction gets you precious time!

NEW: The play area in the buffet restaurant

At specific stages of their development children do not care much about eating;
they eat between playing and experiencing.
Therefore, it's really convenient that they can continue to play whilst grabbing a bite to eat in-between.
From time to time they get back to their table to get another spoonful of food and then race back to the play
area - the scene of the action.
If parents still enjoy a cup of coffee or cake and ice cream after dinner, the play area represents a
very welcome time killer and amusement!

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