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  3. Attic with model railway and Carrera Race Track

At the attic rare and well-kept treasures are to be found:
a detail-orientated Model Railways Scenery and a legendary Carrera Race Track
- a spectacular attraction for the young and the old!

Attic highlight No. 1: The Model Railway

Be a station master once in a lifetime and operate 5 trains at the same time and guide them through the nature scenery. The points are thrown at the flick of a switch and everything is on the right track. The game enthralls
the young and the old in a heartbeat, and suddenly several hours passed. Especially if you take the time to look at all the
details. You can admire rebuilt tunnel systems true to scale in which trains disappear and re-appear on the other side.
You can admire the lights and noises.
That's a lasting impression - with a guarantee of recurring memories!

Attic highlight No. 2: The Carrera Race Track

A legendary amusement and very popular because it's incredibly dynamic and fast - the good, old Carrera Race Track - the one or other dad turns into a child again!
The Carrera street parts provide for very tricky constructions and routes.
Grab the typical, handy operator control and participate in the Buchau Grand Prix - who's gonna win?
At the attic everybody is seized with the Carrera race fever ...

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