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Massages ...

... relaxing & unwinding

A real delight for stressed muscles. Allow your body a time-out, leave stress and sorrows of everyday life behind and trust the skilled hands of our masseur. They'll do wonders and ease tensed muscles so that you can
tackle everyday life with new energy and freshness.

Choose your favourite massage

Back massageca. 25 minutes€ 37,-
Full-body massageca. 45 minutes€ 59,-

Foot reflexology massage
Our feet do not only carry us through life, they also reflect our health. A foot reflexology massage activates self-healing powers, prevents illnesses and has a relaxing effect. It improves our well-being and is ideal for people of any age.

ca. 45 minutes€ 59,-

Shoulder-neck special
A pleasant back massage with focus on shoulder and neck area. Muscles are relaxed, tensions are alleviated and new energy is released.

ca. 25 minutes
ca. 45 minutes
€ 37,-
€ 59.-

Sports and vitality massage
This sports massage increases blood circulation to specific areas and stimulates your metabolism and your lymphatic system. It improves blood circulation to your muscles and increases your energy supply. This is the ideal massage after a day of skiing or hiking.

ca. 25 minutes
ca. 45 minutes
€ 37.-
€ 59,-
Combi massage
That's the ideal combination of back massage and foot reflexology massage.
ca. 45 minutes€ 59,-
Buchau Spa Massage
Relaxation for body and soul, with special techniques and fragrant oils.
ca. 85 minutes€ 90,-

Pregnancy massage

The pregnancy is a time full of unique mental and physical processes for each woman. A wonderful, moving and exciting time. Especially now it’s important to do something good for yourself and the baby. We want to give you a space to get spoiled, take a break and feel comfortable.

Massages, antenatal exercises or relaxation skills alleviate a lot of the usual complaints during a pregnancy, like back pains, headaches, tension, depressive episodes and not enough sleep.

In an atmosphere full of nice smells, good music and soft hands you experience warmth, inner peace and relaxation. Give yourself as well as your child safety, trust and security.
The pregnancy massage is available from month 4..
ca. 50 minutes  € 70,-

Reiki Treatment (Level I+II)

Rei (=Spirit) ki (=Energy) is a traditional japanese teaching by Mikao Usui.
At the same time it’s the name of an old relaxation-method of palm healing. Reiki appeals holistic on all levels and finds its way to the spots it´s needed the most.

Connected with a massage a comfortable, warm feeling originates and one can feel the power, which resolves tensions. Self healing powers are activated and your spirits are harmonized.

ca. 50 minutes  € 70,- 

Shaman Massage after Viejo Agustin Rivas, Peru

This treatment is unique and so much more than just a massage. It’s regenerating and solves energy blockades. It makes self healing easier and get’s the body back to balance. This way holistic, strong self healing powers are able to get in motion.

ca. 50 minutes€ 70,-
Massage according to your individual wishes
We also offer individual massages adapted to your personal needs and wishes.
ca. 45 minutes€ 59,-
Aromatic oil massage
Pleasant, relaxing and harmonising. Enjoy a massage - with aromatic oils of your choice.
ca. 45 minutes€ 59,-
Orange lemon grass (active):
The composition of aromatic orange and animating lemon grass oil gives this unique massage oil a stimulating character.
Honey-ginger (balance):
The composition of gently stimulating ginger and soothing-skin honey extract gives this unique massage oil a very balancing character.
Mother of pearl (skin protect):
The combination of nurturing vital substances and re-mineralising mother-of-pearl extract supports a smooth skin and provides it with intensive moisture.
Edelweiss (skin protect):
The combination of highly-active antioxidants and re-mineralising Edelweiss extract supports a smooth skin and provides it with intensive moisture.
Arolla pine (calm):
The combination of warming arolla pine oil intensively cares the skin and supports deep relaxation. The aromatic wood aroma calms and provides for new energy. Especially popular for men.
Wild rose (calm):
The combination of precious rose bloom extracts and wild rose oil gives this unique massage oil a relaxing effect.
Hot Stone Massage
A holistic sense of well-being is achieved thanks to massage pressure and stroking techniques in combination with hot stones. The balance in the body is restored. This massage has a balancing and harmonising effect and reduces stress.

ca. 45 minutes

€ 64,-
Marmot Oil Massageca. 25 minutes€ 37,-
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