Environmental awareness


Regionality and sustainability are given top priority at the Family Resort Buchau.

The children’s hotel in Buchau attaches great importance to sustainability and the best use of resources. For this purpose we have installed a photovoltaic system on all large roofs, such as the riding hall and the parking deck. As a result, we produce approx. 140,000 KW per year. The combined heat and power plant here produces heat and electricity for our hotel from gas. In addition, our hotel has a 100 m² solar energy system for the ecological preparation of hot water and our own private water source with best water quality for our guests. For guests arriving with an electric car, we offer 4 charging points for your vehicles and therefore the chance to arrive and depart conveniently and easily by electric cars. To ensure the ideal use of energy, the Family Resort Buchau has a 16 tonne tank for biowaste that is converted to bioenergy and therefore helps to keep our energy consumption from ecologically inefficient sources as low as possible.

Our hotel does not only have an excellent energy saving system though, but we also use meat from our own cattle, which prevents the long transportation of animals from abroad and saves them from the stress that cattle would otherwise be exposed to. We also recycle the animals’ manure and use it on our own fields as natural fertiliser without additives. For products we do not produce ourselves, we always pay strict attention to buying regionally and seasonally – for the sake of our environment! For example, you will find Tyrolean ORGANIC eggs from the Goggei und Wild company from the Achental valley.