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Baby & children’s programme

Kind preschool teachers at the Family Resort Buchau

The children’s hotel is perfect for babies, children of all ages and their families. Even our very youngest are well looked after at our hotel. Our experienced and highly qualified preschool teachers attentively care for your babies for the maximum amount of time. Thanks to them you will receive the best support during your holiday and spend it in a more relaxed and carefree way. On request, we can also provide individual care for your children of any age. So your days off become regeneration for the body and soul for the whole family.

To make your first journey with your baby easier, we have summarised some important information and tips under Good to know.

Current weekly programme

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Baby massage – the power of touch

Learn simple massage techniques to pamper your baby with a massage.

The advantages of a baby massage:

  • Bonding: The intimate contact that develops during the massage strengthens the bond.
  • Relaxation: The massage helps the baby and parents to settle down.
  • Body function: Baby massage provides relief from bloating and colic. Many babies sleep better afterwards.
  • General development: Baby massage promotes body awareness.

Approx. 45 minutes € 56.00

Learning to swim through play for babies

Babies have a natural affinity for swimming. They have a natural intuition for swimming movements and succeed as if by magic. That's why the Family Resort Buchau offers 30-minute baby swimming sessions for 4-month-old babies with SWIMTRAINER "classic" from FREDS SWIM ACADEMY – always accompanied by a parent.

Baby swimming and toddler swimming in FREDS SWIM ACADEMY from 4 months to 4 years old, 30 minute exercise session, with accompanying person (parent).

1 session: € 20 per child
Dates Monday to Friday at 10 a.m.

What does FREDS SWIM ACADEMY baby swimming do for my baby – what happens during an exercise session?

  • Safely getting used to water through play
  • Getting used to the stomach position as the swimming position
  • Promoting the innate “frog reflex” as the basic movement to advance forwards
  • Promoting all the motor and coordination skills
  • Stimulating the mind, body and soul through the sensory stimuli emanating from water (stimulating to calming)
  • Interaction between parent, baby and teacher
  • Swimming aids: The “Classic” red swimming aids are available on loan for the session. Swimming aids and neoprene swimming trunks/overalls can also be purchased.