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Our children’s club for babies and children

Variety, fun and excitement in childcare

Playing and learning every day and lots of opportunities for discovery are offered by our children’s club at the Family Resort Buchau. Your children’s individual preferences are satisfied here with a wide range of activities, all year round. Your offspring will be well looked after in our children’s club and spend hours with other children while you can relax without a worry in the world. Little ones can make friends with children of the same age and develop their skills in a playful way in our club. Children discover hidden talents and awaken new interests in their creativity here. In addition, the fun factor in the group is always at the highest level and the children’s hotel becomes a great experience for the whole family.

Our children’s club guide

We would like to recommend a few tips. They are important to us and establish the right atmosphere for us all to be able to live together pleasantly at the Family Resort Buchau.


  • Please give your child outdoor clothing when you put them in childcare (hat, gloves, ski suit, sunglasses, winter boots) and apply cream to your child if necessary.
  • Changes to the programme are possible at short notice due to the weather or number of participants. Please note the information board at reception!
  • No ill people are allowed in the children’s club for the sake of the children.
  • Data protection: We constantly take photos of the programme items and put them on the Internet (social media channels, website). If you do not agree with this, please inform the children’s club or tick the appropriate box on the children’s pass.
  • The children’s highlight: at our supervised children’s dining table, children eat with children, a total of 3 times a day for the main meals.

Children’s pass

  • When you check in you will receive a children’s club pass for childcare in the children’s club. Please fill the children’s pass in and hand it in, as it contains important details for the carers. This applies to all children aged between 0 and 12 who are in the children’s club without parents, for the children’s club programme from 3 years of age and the programmes in the children’s club.
  • If your child has special needs or disabilities, please make a note in the children’s pass. We can only take care of your child in the best way possible if we are aware of this.
  • We can only take responsibility for your children if the children’s pass is filled out properly!

Ski school and children’s club

  • Children who attend the ski school can be brought to the ski school by the children’s club – with information on the children’s pass about at what time your child has to be at which place.
  • If you want your child to go directly to the children’s club after the ski course, please hand in the completed children’s pass between 9.00 and 10.00 a.m. at the children’s club. Please always indicate the course venue and duration.
  • We can only pick up children from the ski school for whom we have a children’s pass with the complete information.
  • There is a hotel shuttle service for the ski school children. Please ask for the relevant information at the reception about travel times and register your child!

Baby room

Retreats while playing and for sleeping are especially important for babies, which is why they get their own cosy room to themselves. When the little babies are asleep, the older children show consideration and automatically turn down their volume. This creates a feeling of togetherness.

The play room

The versatile and educationally valuable play room for the older children is bright and friendly. There are toys that train their sense of space and specifically stimulate their sense of touch and motor skills through play. In addition, the little ones always have plenty of room to spend hours playing, trying things out and fiddling about.

The creative room

Handicrafts, painting, baking together – children love it! In our creative room the children have space and room to live out their imagination and handicraft skills. Their mental and fine motor skills are trained seemingly effortlessly.