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    High-rope course, wood dwarfs, 3D archery

The wood is the oldest recreation and adventure space.
In the Kinderhotel Buchau we have enriched our wood with exciting outdoor leisure time facilities:

The High Rope Course

Children and teenagers swing, climb and jump from treetop to treetop under the guidance and supervision of professionals.
A pleasant shiver combined with light cheerfulness accompany the climbers through the woods.
Your offspring proves their skills at this high rope course and overcomes obstacles in dizzy heights. Great fun - very popular with teenagers!

The Wood Dwarfs

Every wood has its own legendary figures. The Buchau wood dwarfs are goblin-like creatures - a prankster and philanthropist at the same time. According to old legends a wood dwarf is never at a loss for jokes and pranks! They are real creatures of nature who dedicated themselves to the protection of the forest and animals. They use their skills and abilities especially to banish thoughtless and destructive people from the forest. In search of the wood dwarfs we guide your children through the wood, the natural habitat of the wood dwarfs. Informative & adventurous at the same time with relevant nature topics!

3D Archery

With the rise of culture of the Middle Ages archery was re-discovered in the last couple of years.
Children and teenagers try to equal Robin Hood and learn how to aim with a bow.
With some practice and skills beginners quickly turn into a remote relative of William Tell.
At the 3D archery even couch-potatoes lose their timidity and profit from outdoor activities in the fresh air.

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