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Indoor adventure world

The diversity in our children's hotel

Our Buchau indoor adventure world gets the pulses of children of all ages racing ... Here the children have the opportunity to let off steam, run, climb, play, experience and gather lots of happy moments. It is not only suitable as something to do in bad weather but also as a useful addition to the variety-packed outdoor programme. Holidays at the Family Resort Buchau – finally time and lots of space to let loose!


Will I make it to the top or will I find the perfect route when bouldering without touching the ground? The fascination of climbing is already simmering in many children and young people, the desire to go beyond themselves, physically and mentally. 

No matter whether you want to go high up, secured by a rope, or whether you climb at a safe jump height. This kind of physical and mental challenge makes you stronger and is a wonderful balance to everyday life, especially since it involves muscle areas that are hardly ever used in normal everyday activities. 

Pure growth in the Buchau climbing hall every day!

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Climbing badge

To be able to use our hotel climbing and bouldering hall safely, we offer a course to obtain the “Kinderhotels” climbing badge. 

This is required to use the climbing and bouldering hall.

Meeting place: 
Dates according to weekly programme – registration required! 

Please bring with you: 

1 hour


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Riding hall

Riding holidays on Lake Achensee

Your holiday wish for a “family holiday with children and the chance to ride” comes true with us at the Family Resort Buchau. The newly built indoor riding hall is spacious and equipped with ultra modern facilities – a real gem for riding fans of all ages! Our qualified horse trainers will instruct your children in all levels of ability – so shaky beginners become young riders who can playfully perform the first basic movements. We have lovely ponies for the little ones, because even our youngest guests love contact with our four-legged friends.

We have compiled detailed information about our riding offers for your riding holiday here.


Soft play facility

You can really let off steam here

Our Buchau soft play facility guarantees fun & action in all weather conditions for kids aged 3 to 10. The TÜV-certified action palace is regularly serviced to ensure that it meets the highest safety standards at all times. Children romp around in a structure of tubes, ladders, footbridges and slides, they can enjoy sinking into the ball pit and try out new routes and work off excess energy.  They complete exciting races through the soft play facility at admirable speed. Great fun that the kids can't get enough of.

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The theatre holds a great attraction for many children. No wonder, they can slip into different roles there and reinvent and test themselves daily with playful ease. A celebratory ambience with a fun and relaxed entertainment character is quickly created with the right actors and entertainers on stage. Creative and entertaining plays await you – let yourself be enchanted by what our show stage has to offer!

Fun for all ages


Entertaining film shows bring the whole family together and provide for hours spent happily in each other’s company, which is why we have a small but lovely cinema. We show films there in the evening for the whole family.

Table tennis

A fun sport that inspires the whole family. Hit a few balls with your child, play doubles or exciting run-around ping pong – in any case, fun, games & excitement are guaranteed!

The Buchau movement room

Our movement room offers the most diverse possibilities for personal expression away from the other activity rooms and facilities. The room offers seclusion to work out dance movements or for relaxed yoga sessions. Seize the moment - the Buchau movement room!

Play corners

With children the time between wanting to do something and doing it is minimal! We support this by setting up well distributed play corners.  The lovingly designed play corners invite them to play straight away and it’s soon forgotten that Dad wanted to clarify something or that Mum wanted to book an appointment.

NEW: The play corner in the buffet restaurant In certain phases of their development, children are indifferent to their food, so it is just a side issue between playing and experiencing. So it’s handy to be able to continue playing happily between a few bites. The table is visited occasionally to take another spoonful of food, only to rush right back to the scene of the action. When the adults are still sitting together and chatting after ice cream and cake, the play corner is a welcome diversion!