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The pools at the family resort

Swimming paradise for splashing, swimming and diving with the whole family!

Out of your clothes – into swimming fun. Relax in the whirlpool, race down the slide, actively enjoy the 20 m long indoor and outdoor swimming pool ... or watch the children splash around from one of the pleasant seats and loungers. A magnificent water and wellness paradise for all ages. 


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Indoor and outdoor swimming pool

The 20 m long indoor and outdoor swimming pool are part of the activating adventure world to do with the element of water. The pools at the Family Resort Buchau are a swimming paradise for paddling, splashing & diving, offering water fun indoors and outdoors for every member of the family. 

In the year-round heated outdoor pool, whirl loungers and massage jets, the fresh air, the breathtaking mountain view and the pleasant water temperature invite you to linger for longer. In summer you also have the opportunity to relax in the sun on the sunbeds around the pool and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains. 

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Toddlers’ pool

An experience for the youngest

For the little ones there is the toddlers’ pool with its elephant slide and fish that squirt water. The pleasant water and air temperature and the comfortable pool size with precisely the right water depth make the toddlers’ pool a popular favourite for toddlers on holiday. Toddlers learn how to deal with the element of water in a playful way at their own pace.  

The spacious pool complex is the setting for fantastic holiday moments full of excitement, games, fun & action. 

Water slide

On your marks, get set, go ... the extraordinary Cone-Slide tyre water slide provides the right adrenalin rush. Alone or in pairs, you start from a separate slide tower, which is about 7 metres high. Passing various light effects, you land in a lying red funnel, which you leave again through another tube after some pendulum movements. 


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In addition to the fun pool, the indoor pool has a large, integrated whirlpool with comfortable whirl benches. The pleasant water temperature, the buoyancy and water pressure of the bubbles and the massage jets improve the blood circulation and relax muscles. 

The Romans were already aware of warm water in motion and its invigorating effect. They saw having important discussions in a relaxed state as a pleasant way of doing business. In Iceland a winter’s day also usually begins with hot steam baths, based on the motto: “Relaxed conversations, are good conversations. Relaxed decisions are good decisions.”