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The Buchau climbing and boulder gym 

- the place where adventurous manoeuvre and planned safety meet


Those who aim high, clip a rope into a carabiner whilst someone on the ground belays you.
This way also the most difficult route is doable and every drop of sweat leads to happiness!
For outsiders the fascination of climbing is sometimes hard to understand,
but already children and teenagers have the uncontrollable desire to surpass oneself - physically and mentally.
Pure growth - daily in the Buchau climbing gym!


Some people think that climbing in jump altitude is boring and lame. However, those people who have already tried to master the parcour without touching the ground know about the special fascination of this sport.
This kind of physical and psychological challenge makes you stronger and is a great compensation for the classy, civilized daily life. Especially because we also use muscles which we would never use during normal daily tasks and activities - real heroes at the daily self-test in the Buchau boulding gym!

Die Buchau Kletter- und Boulderhalle


Um unsere Hotelkletter- und Boulderhalle sicher benutzen zu können, bieten wir einen Kurs, um den Kinderhotel Kletterausweis zu erlangen. Dieser wird für die Nutzung der Kletter- und Boulderhalle benötigt.

Treffpunkt: Dienstag, 13.00 Uhr bzw. 14.30 Uhr an der Rezeption

Anmeldung erforderlich! in Anmeldeliste eintragen!

Mitzubringen: Sportkleidung, Dauer: 1,5 Stunden

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