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Body treatments

Holistic body care with Pharmos Natur Green Luxury

The native power of plants of Pharmos Natur provides for - depending on which mixture you chose for the "Peeling Softpac" - special moments of happiness in harmony with the needs of your skin!

Every treatment starts with a thorough cleansing peeling beforehand. Afterwards the deep therapy starts, which is either purging, detoxifying or regenerating depending on the preparation. The tried and trusted treatments purify, tighten, care and achieve especially intensive effects.

The full-body applications of Pharmos Natur Green Luxury improve the skin complexion in case of cellulite and nurture the skin sustainably with moisture, highly-efficient anti-aging complexes and minerals.

Body packs - Sensual care that pampers and nurtures

Love your Age

Intensively caring and rejuvenating massage with pure plant power. An innovative combination of lipids, vitamins and antioxidants tightens the skin very efficiently and reactivates skin resurfacing. Happiness suits everybody.

ca. 80 minutes€ 95,-


Detoxifying treatment for the whole body with precious healing plants in combination with pure bio aloe vera. This treatment purges and decongests the lymphatic system, strengthens and stabilises the connective tissues, activates metabolism, reduces cellulite. The perfect companion for all fasting and detoxification cures.

ca. 80 minutes€ 95,-


Purging and detoxifying. Promotes the removal of water retentions and improves the structure of the connective tissue. The skin gets smoother and tighter.

ca. 80 minutes€ 95,-

Full-body peeling

To remove dead skin cells and scales with pleasant final care with sea salt.

ca. 50 minutes€ 69,-

Egyptian Vitality Wrap

The EGYPTIAN VITALITY WRAP with finest natural active ingredients from the Dead Sea as well as the pleasant wrapping with warm wraps provide for extraordinary results.
• tightens, stabalises and rejuvenates
• shapes the body
• reduces cellulite
• activates, gives new energy and strength

ca. 80 minutes€ 95,-
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