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Buchau philosophy

What we stand for

Our heart beats for children

In our hotel children can do whatever they want what turns their holidays into a lifetime miracle.
In this matter we compete with Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and Saint Nicholas.

We understand the wishes and needs of children

We will never stop trying to understand what children wish for and what we can do to bestow them even better and more beautiful holidays. A child's laugh is the most rewarding present on earth!

We have special offers for children

Sports and leisure time activities are a great opportunity for children to learn more about their body. 
They learn by experience, get to know them better and develop self-confidence.
It's our first concern to provide a varied sports and leisure time activity programme that children like, that does them well and that animates them to participate. 

We are always up-to-date and keep our eyes open for new trends

It's important to us to know the ropes and keep up-to-date with new child entertainment trends.
We are always keen to test very popular trends in our hotel.

We continuously enhance our offer

New activities our guest children are deeply interested in are integrated in our programme, infrastructure is created and, if necessary, our premises are adapted.  

We are passionate about being superior and all inclusive - in everything we do

Quality & a decent, sophisticated style are main ingredients of our Kinderhotel Buchau philosophy. 
That's what we stand for. That's what we are fired up for.
At our hotel everybody should sleep like a log, live, eat, feel at home and start to blossom.

We care for the whole family

We are well adjusted for you and your beloved ones - from head to toe. It doesn't matter how old you are, how tall or how active. We listen to you, we have a look at what you like and are interested in.  We fulfill your wishes and
make your dreams come true.
All family welcome. 

We support travelling parents

Packing for the whole family doesn't only take a lot of time and nerves, but it also turns the most spacious family car into a teeny weeny one. Therefore, we have acquired a wide range of basic equipment for babies and children which you can use on site. Sports equipment for the whole family can either be rented or, on request, also purchased at our hotel.

We get parents to relax and recharge their batteries

Whilst children can romp about and play, we would like to sweeten your spare time with great relaxing moments and exciting sport activities.  
For us it's important to give young parents the possibility to take a time-out.
... because we understand you.

We tap the full potential of the hotel and the available space and surrounding

It's for real - our hotel complex is a huge campus and there's still enough space left.
As a result, we are in the lucky position that we can realise new (building) projects for new exciting activities every year.
We are all diligent 'Bob the Builders': We saw , fence, enhance, attach ... we get the most out of our hotel for all young and old guests!

We raise awareness of outdoor activities

As a children's hotel with educational and pedagogic content and professionally trained staff we are actively involved in the development of your children. We're always dead chuffed to familiarize our youngest guests with the beauty of Alpine nature and to get them enthusiastic about outdoor activities - and if it's only the good old hiking tour ...

We create an atmosphere we would have wished for when travelling as a family as well

In our hotel your family is in best hands. We think, plan and organise everything to bestow you incomparable and relaxing family holidays for everybody from 0-99 years.

In the following video you'll see how our children's and family hotel Buchau adheres to our philosophy year in, year out

Our imaginations and ideas, which we realise annually, were always successful in the last decades.
We are very happy and proud of that. 

A very special positive feedback, that continues to reinforce our efforts, is the enormous amount of regular guests and friends which we were able to built up over the years. 

Another highlight and great reward for our consistent hard work as well as the personal commitment of the leadership and the employees are the numerous awards we receive every year.
We'll cherish them. Thank you very much.

Wellbeing in your family holidays

Learn more about the Buchau's way to make holidays.
Get your thrill of anticipation and have a look at our current weekly programme!

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