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Outdoor adventure world

Adventure at the Buchau children’s world

The Buchau children’s world offers a wide range of outdoor activities in the resort and cool excursion tips for an exciting, eventful holiday. Playing around the hotel, go-karting, playing football, shooting archery or exploring our Native American Indian village – simply being a carefree child.

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Discover our outdoor adventure playground – a paradise for children and youngsters.

The wonderful pirate wooden ship towers in the middle of the sand in the Family Resort Buchau, really stimulating the children's imagination and thirst for adventure. Little and big pirates cavort on the adventure ship and keep an eye out for the next treasure! 

Our trampoline – the alternation between weightlessness, flying hair and the downward pull of gravity – holds a huge attraction for all ages. Our slackline in the garden also offers fun sport – enjoyment and training at the same time. The sense of balance, motor coordination skills and concentration are specifically trained. 

In Pit-Pat, you use a cue to shoot a ball similar to a billiard ball over a table with obstacles. A move is not finished until the ball drops into the hole. If you hit the ball properly, you can create a hole-in-one with a lot of skill – entertaining for all ages! Experience the stunningly beautiful surroundings and the pleasure of that moment of flying – our fast steel rope slide, the Flying Fox, makes this possible. So every normal day on holiday becomes a unique experience – exciting and fun-packed.

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Go-kart track

Pure adrenaline

Our go-karts get children’s pulses racing and provide thrilling racing experiences. Driving on the Buchau go-kart track with child-friendly loops is especially appealing to children aged 6 to 8. For the safety of your little ones, we distribute high-quality safety and protective equipment such as helmets etc. – well packed, the whizzing round can start!

Football pitch

For our little football stars

All boys and girls who are fans of ball sports can look forward to a whole lot of fun on the superbly kept football pitch at the Family Resort Buchau. Running for every ball, passing to your favourite teammate and storming together for the goal – Goooooaal! Being together on the pitch bonds people together. And so your children will quickly find new friends on holiday. This is where little kickers become very big. 

Football school (from 6 years)

Football camp (4-6 years)

Fun and excitement

Native American Indian village

Follow in the footsteps of native American Indians Winnetou and Old Shatterhand – reenact the everyday life of a tribal brother or sister, get to know native Indian tent dwellings or wigwams, and practice the art of tracking. Imagination and childlike ingenuity are allowed to develop freely here. Unforgettable moments for little Winnetous, Apanatschis and Old Shatterhands – the Wild West at the Family Resort Buchau!

The wood gnome

The Buchau wood gnomes are goblin-like creatures who are both pranksters and do-gooders. As real creatures of nature, they have dedicated themselves to forest and animal protection and use their abilities especially to drive careless & destructive people out of the forest. In search of this interesting forest creature, we take your children through the forest, the wood gnome’s natural habitat. Educational & adventurous with a connection to nature!

The barefoot path

Nothing is more grounding, soothing and stimulating than walking barefoot on the specially created barefoot path. This trendy activity reminds us that walking without shoes is a quite normal, natural process that we have forgotten in the course of human development. Children, teenagers and adults come into contact with the earth and experience their feet and body in a new way.

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Snow playground

Winter playtime fun for our little guests

Numerous winter adventure options await little ones on the Buchau snow playground, very close to the hotel!

  • A self-propelled magic carpet
  • A toboggan slope suitable for children
  • Safely marked off children's nursery slope (for the “Windel-Wedel-Skikurs”, the toddler shuffling ski course only)
  • Bobo’s children's ski school for beginners aged 2.5 and above
  • Snow machines for safe fun in the snow
  • And much more


High ropes course

Children and youngsters climb and swing from treetop to treetop under expert guidance & supervision. Pleasant showers paired with light brightness accompany you through the treetops. Your youngsters can prove their skills and overcome sporting obstacles at lofty heights on the high ropes course. Very high fun factor – especially popular with teenagers!


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The shooting sport with a bow and arrow demands a lot of concentration, calmness and tension from the kids. Before the arrow slips out of your hand, it is important not to lose sight of the target and to remain attentive – attentive of the bow and arrow and the immediate surroundings.