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    with pirates' ship, trampoline & in-ground trampoline, slackline, Flying Fox, Pit Pat

Playground Buchau River - an amusement park with an extraordinary varied offer:

The Buchau River Pirate Ship

Small and big pirates romp about the adventurous ship - <<every swashbuckler board the ship, hoist the sails!>>
This marvellous wood construction sits enthroned in the middle of the sand and inspires the fantasy and love of adventure of your kiddies.
Nobody breaks character, everybody is busy on board, explores the ship and looks for the next treasure!

The Trampoline & in-ground trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline is a very interesting activity. The change from weightlessness and flying hairs to the downwards wake of the gravity is very attractive with the young and the old. Trained ones especially enjoy the in-ground trampoline; for safety reasons children between 4-8 years should rather use the trampoline coated with a safety net.
We wish great fun trampolining!

The Slackline

During the last couple of years slacklining turned into a very popular leisure time activity in parks, outdoor swimming pools, in the own garden and elsewhere. Moreover, slacklining has a high coolness level - like 'hang loose' & 'YOLO' together. Children are very open with this activity and have a blast. The great advantage of the slackline as training tool is that it especially trains the sense of balance, the motoric coordination skills and concentration.
Kiddies: Walk the tightrope!

Flying Fox

The Flying Fox - a fast steel rope slide with an extra dose action - turns an ordinary vacation day into a
unique, adventurous one.
Even after several repeats the dynamic downward flight doesn't become routine - the adrenaline continues to flow.
Eventually you start to appreciate the wonderful surrounding and the pleasure of flying more consciously. If we ask our teenager guests what they think about the Flying Fox, they agree that this leisure time installation makes the outdoor playground that exciting and funny!

Pit Pat

<<Tell me your handicap and I'll tell you if I can beat you at Pit Pat today>>, ancient Pit Pat wisdom.
Pit Pat is an art in itself that demands accurateness, love for detail and the willingness to win. After all, you have to shoot with a cue some kind of billard ball-like balls across a table with many obstacles. The play is not finished until the ball gets into the hole. 
Those who kick-off properly and show some skills might also get a hole-in-one - very entertaining for the young and the old!

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