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    Go Kart Race track, Indi-Land, barefooth path, football field

Real adventures at the lake - all day long, in many different ways

The Go Kart Race Track

Go Karts are smooth-running vehicles which let children's hearts beat faster and which invite to take a ride.
Driving a go kart through curves suitable for children is especially suitable for children of middle age.
Safety measures are very important to use: Therefore, we distribute high-quality safety equipment and protective gear such as helmets etc. already at the beginning - properly packed the race starts!

The Indi-Land

Put yourself in the shoes of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, follow different animal tracks, re-enact the daily life of your tribal kinsman, explore a typical tepee of Native Americans - so called wigwams.
The Wild West of Karl May arrived at the children's hotel Buchau at the Achensee!

The Barefoot Path

Nothing earths, calms and activates more than going barefoot along the specially built barefoot path. This new trendy activity teaches us that going barefoot without shoes is a quite ordinary and natural process which we have forgotten during the development of mankind. Children, teenagers and adults make contact with the earth and re-experience their feet and body. A very inspiring and refreshing activity! 

The Soccer Field

Small kickers - big achievements:
Running for every ball, passing it to your favourite teammate and dashing up to the goal - Goal!
New knowledge and skills from the last training session are used in the practice match.
Soccer is a very passionate sports which challenges body, mind and soul and which contributes to the personal development of your child.
The Buchau soccer field is well-maintained and a central play area of the Outdoor Adventure Worlds for children.

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