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Riding holidays at the Buchau children's hotel

Find happiness on the back of a horse

Riding is very popular in winter and summer at the Buchau children’s hotel and should not be missing on any successful family holiday! We keep untiring, social horses such as Haflingers and Shetland ponies in our spacious “Pferdeglück” stables.

Our horse trainers harmonise perfectly with your children and the animals – they are both knowledgeable teachers and competent animal keepers. They keep an eye out to make sure everything is as it should be and offer top conditions for fantastic riding holidays!

In the new, bright, modern and well-equipped riding hall there are regular lessons, where beginners also have the chance to learn to ride. One very special highlight is horse rides out into the beautiful surrounding nature – they take place nestled in the wonderful scenery of Lake Achensee and its stately mountains, e.g. the Rofan mountains!

Our offers for the perfect riding holiday

Riding courses take place in our riding hall instead of "horse luck"!

Bambini mini riders (3 - 5 years old)


The first experiences with ponies are acquired through play. Children acquire basic motor skills for healthy riding through a variety of movement experiences both on the ground and on the pony – without any pressure to perform. Children discover the world of the horse and practice social skills in the group by playing.

50 minutes

  • Individual lesson €60.00 with 5 hours or more 20% discount

Individual riding lesson for children aged 6 year or more and adults

In individual riding lessons you can work on your own strengths and weaknesses in the form of riding lessons, lunge lessons or sitting lessons. Individual lessons are very efficient because the rider has the undivided attention of the instructor and can make very good progress.

  • € 60,- per person

Group riding lessons for children aged 6 or older and adults

In den Gruppenreitstunden reiten in der Regel kleine Gruppen von nicht mehr als vier Reitschülern mit gleichem oder ähnlichem Ausbildungsstand. Es wird frei in allen drei Grundgangarten geritten, heißt - es gibt kein Abteilungsreiten. Somit kann jeder Reitschüler selbständiges Reiten erlernen und fördern.

  • Group lesson (max. 4 children)
  • € 38,- per person


Pony hire

Our ponies are led along Lake Achensee by parents or by the riding instructor.

Leading is usually not a big problem. Parents and children need sturdy shoes. You'll get a rope to lead the pony. Hold the rope relatively close to the pony’s head (don't wrap it around your hand!), stand next to the pony and then just walk determinedly – the pony will come with you. Adjust your speed to that of the pony and stay on the trails, then there is no problem.

Important: do not let the pony eat anything by the wayside. Most ponies are very greedy. Once the ponies have started to fill their stomachs, it is difficult to get them moving again. So: Do not let it eat at all and hold the rope tightly. If necessary pull the pony away from the food. If you feel unsure, our riding instructors can accompany you. We assume no liability.

30 minutes €15 per person
With accompaniment €30 per person

Lunge line session

Beginners learn the right way to start riding on our well-behaved and experienced horses in individual sessions. This is where the foundation stone for riding is laid. We train the correct seating posture and balance and offer the necessary safety measures; therefore you can increase your confidence in your own abilities and in the animals. Also suitable for advanced and even professional riders to improve their sitting position in a posture training session.

  • 20 minutes €30 per person

Ride to the waterfall - for experienced riders only

On a guided ride to the waterfall you can explore the beautiful surroundings of Lake Achensee and the impressive waterfall.

  • 5 people at the most
  • Approx. 1 hour €38 per person

Ride to bavaria - for experienced riders only

On a guided ride you will discover many a beautiful spot of nature. Over clear streams, green meadows and fragrant forests we will lead you as far as Bavaria.

  • At least 3 people
  • Approx. 3 to 4 hours €140 per person

Here are a few more important safety rules:

Riding is only allowed with a helmet. Only one child may ride a pony at a time.


The only gait allowed is walking, no trotting or galloping. If you want to do more, please use our riding offers!