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Swimming lessons at the Family Resort Buchau


Children of all ages and abilities learn and enhance their swimming skills with FREDS SWIM ACADEMY. Choose the right swimming sessions for your children from the extensive course programme – they will love it! Children's swimming courses for all levels of ability from beginners, advanced to professional frogs with FREDS SWIM ACADEMY.

Baby and Toddler swimming

  • from 4 months to 4 years old, 30 minute exercise session, with accompanying person (parent):
  • Safely getting used to water through play
  • Getting used to the stomach position as the swimming position
  • Promoting the innate “frog reflex” as the basic movement to advance forwards
  • Promoting all the motor and coordination skills
  • Stimulating the mind, body and soul through the sensory stimuli emanating from water (stimulating to calming)
  • Interaction between parent, baby and teacher
  • Swimming aids: “Classic” red swimming aids are provided! Swimming aids and neoprene swimming trunks/overalls can also be purchased.

Swimming course for beginners

from age 4 (4+), 50 minute exercise session, small groups (4-6 children) without accompanying person

  • Developing the technically correct breaststroke movement
  • Ideal swimming position
  • Perfect coordination of leg and arm movement and breathing
  • Water contact with the face – first diving exercises
  • Smooth transition to free swimming and building up fitness by reducing the use of swimming aids

Swimming aids: “Classic” orange and yellow swimming aids are provided and can also be purchased.

  • Monday to Friday at 10.40 a.m.
  • 1 unit: € 30,- per child
  • private lesson: € 60,- per child

You can find information on the dates in the current weekly program.

Early swimmer/seahorse badge

Requirements: 25 m swim, jump from the edge of the pool into the water, bring an object up out of shoulder deep water with your hands

Costs: €20.00 per badge

Please make appointments at the children’s club.