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Why Buchau?

1. A varied activities programme for children, 6 days a week, for all those little people who want to experience something special!

Why Buchau?

2. Children of all ages can have lots of fun - inside and outside at Riki's Club

Why Buchau?

3. In winter there are many special adventures in the snow awaiting all the children.

The Tyrolean Sea

The Achensee is the largest lake in Tyrol: impressively 9km long and 133m deep at its deepest point. It is also known as "the Tyrolean Sea". With its favourable wind conditions the Achensee is an eldorado for water sports such as surfing, sailing and kite surfing.

Bathe in drinking water and relax on a private beach

The crystal clear Achensee is just as clean as it looks. Here you will bathe in water of drinking quality! Soak up the sun on the hotel's lawn and take a refreshing dip in the Achensee. These are wonderful summer days!

Ship ahoy

For family fun you can hire pedalos and rowing boats or canoes,or take a leisurely cruise.

With the wind, over the waves!

Windsurfers glide elegantly across the glistening Achensee. Kite surfers are pulled over the waves at breathtaking speed by their sleek kites and jump high through the air. Sailboats pass by in front of a background of majestic mountains.

Windsurfing, sailing, kite surfing: Lessons at the hotel

At the water sports school you and your children can take professional lessons in windsurfing, sailing, surfing, kite surfing and stand-up paddle boarding. On the taster course beginners can find out which water sport is the right one for them. The more experienced can add the finishing touches to their skills.
Achensee water sports school: Windsurfing and sailing courses with practice and theory
Achensee Buchau kite surfing school: Kite surfing courses
Water sports teacher Uwe: Surfing & stand-up paddle boarding. Bookings by phone: 0664/ 654 15 13.

Our special offer:

Kite course for hotel guests (on land). Every Monday afternoon from 1-3pm (free of charge).

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