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Why Buchau?

1. A varied activities programme for children, 6 days a week, for all those little people who want to experience something special!

Why Buchau?

2. Children of all ages can have lots of fun - inside and outside at Riki's Club

Why Buchau?

3. In winter there are many special adventures in the snow awaiting all the children.

The motivation to move thanks to Zumba & Qi Gong

Zumba is something that can be described as Latin American style aerobics with dancing. It's a dance-fitness programme to rhythmic music such as tango, merengue and mambo, hip hop and belly dancing and even some elements from the world of martial arts. For many Zumba is simply pure fun! "Side effects" include fitness, endurance and weight loss ...

Qi Gong enables you to relax and enjoy the here and now. Slow, meditative movements encourage energy flow in a gentle way. At the family hotel in Buchau you'll be doing exercises from the health programme used by the Shaolin monks! When the weather's nice, right on the Achensee. Unforgettable!

We are always trying to think up something new for you! Take a look at our weekly programme and have a think about what sporting, adventure and entertainment activities we can offer you and your children during your family holiday at our Kinderhotel in Buchau!


Our health tip for July
Acupressure for diarrhoeal

This exercise can be done in any position. With natural abdominal breathing. The following acupuncture points are used in this process:

  • Spleen 6: four finger widths from inner knuckle upwards (only light massaging)
  • Stomach 25: two thumb widths at the side of the navel (only light massaging)
    These two points can also be massaged on new born babies, but only for 10 seconds. In acute cases massage these points twice a day.
  • Liver 3: two thumb widths from the big toe upwards (these points treat stomach cramps (press down firmer on this point or massage)

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