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Why Buchau?

1. A varied activities programme for children, 6 days a week, for all those little people who want to experience something special!

Why Buchau?

2. Children of all ages can have lots of fun - inside and outside at Riki's Club

Why Buchau?

3. In winter there are many special adventures in the snow awaiting all the children.
It is alway possible that something might happen that prevents you from taking the holiday that you have booked. To avoid the costs of cancellation you can take out our hotel cancellation insurance.

What is considered an insurance case?

An occurence of an insured event arises when one of the following occurs and the commencement of the journey is prevented:
  • Serious accident or illness of the insured, his spouse, children, parents or in-laws
  • Death of the above listed group of people or siblings, grandparents, grandchildren or children of an insured person
  • Sudden, unexpected severe pregnancy complications
  • Allergic reactions to vaccinations
  • Unexpected recurrence or exacerbation of a chronic illness
  • Significant damage to property of the insured due to fire, acts of God or criminal act by a third party that makes his presence there mandatory

What will be compensated?

In the case of cancellation of the booking prior to departure, 80% of the hotel costs.

What should be done in the case of a claim?

If it is not possible to begin the holiday, the guest should inform Rieser's Kinderhotel immediately and send confirmation in the form of a doctor's letter (with diagnosis) or a police report.

What does the cancellation insurance cost?

€ 45, per week per room and family
€ 60, for 10 days per room and family
€ 75, for 2 weeks per room and family

This cancellation insurance is only available in conjunction with payment of the deposit.